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Why Door Drops Will Get Your Message Across Better Than Other Forms Of Media

Why Door Drops Will Get Your Message Across Better Than Other Forms Of Media

Tuesday 29th September 2020

At the early stage of the Covid-19 lockdown, the UK Government were regularly on the television, radio, and in both online and physical news articles. However, they still felt the need to get the message across in a closer more personal way, a way they knew we could not avoid - so they did a door drop, advising households of the new rules and regulations and guidelines of staying safe throughout the pandemic.

We know you may consider door drop marketing to be a little 'old school' but in many cases, the old ways can bring a great response, as proven above, and as one of the most effective means of targeted mailings, it could be highly beneficial to your business.
Here at The Design Print Distribution Group, we are specialists in this field and work regularly with local councils such as our recent work with Bristol City with their 'Your City Our Future' campaign, which you can read about here. But how does it work, and why is it so effective? Let's take a look.

Making content accessible

Whether you are looking to canvass opinion or alert people to products or services, your response rate will likely be higher when a household has a physical item straight to their home to deal with. You can be sure that all generations and those not using the internet or social media will also be able to participate. Door drop marketing will enable you to send bright engaging content in an easily accessible form directly to those it may involve, and have a greater effect when measured against lots of other marketing channels.
This is because there is a guarantee of at least one person in a household seeing your door drop item. They are more likely to actually view content over that of an email or social media post. Even if the first person to see it is not interested, it could be easy for them to leave it on a hallway table or kitchen counter for other household members who may be.

How many times have you potentially missed vital information?

If an e-mail title doesn't appeal, or you've deleted an email before giving it full attention or scrolled past something on social media when you have been busy wanting to catch up with other things, you're not alone. Even if you are interested in an e-mail initially but don't have time to deal with it right away, chances are, other things could distract you and you may not revisit it. A door drop mailing could solve this problem. A leaflet, pinned to a noticeboard is still within eyesight of the people it is targeting, giving you much more of a chance of it being acted upon.

In addition, there's no need to worry whether your audience is internet savvy, checking the right sources, or viewing the information at a convenient time. Your door drop mailing will be on hand and a physical reminder whatever time of day or night they choose to look at it. Door drop marketing is proven to reach further than online marketing and could be used on its own or combined with any online activity to broaden your audience base.

How We Can Help

Using the services of door drop marketing specialists such as ourselves enables you to hand over as much or as little of the job as you want. We can manage the entire offline marketing process, from graphic design, printing, and the vital door drop mailing to get you into the homes of your target audience. Our services are available countrywide and are already used by local authorities, councils, leading organisations, and religious groups, who have already recognized this as a leading way of getting attention.

Door drop mailings hit right to the heart of the home. Whether it is a leaflet or a letter, anything left on a doormat will be picked up and looked at and could help raise your profile with those that matter to you.