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Direct Mail Marketing Vs Door Drop Marketing - Which Channel Shall I Use?

Direct Mail Marketing Vs Door Drop Marketing - Which Channel Shall I Use?

Wednesday 31st May 2023

Direct mail and door-drop marketing both involve leaflets landing directly in the homes of potential customers. Still, some crucial differences could make one a more suitable solution for your business or event. Here we look at ways to decide which one best suits your needs.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?
Direct mail is data-driven and addressed to reach your target audience. In other words, you have greater control over how your leaflet or brochure is targeted. Direct mail is more expensive but can offer a greater return on investment as it is more specific to targeted demographics. The opportunity to identify and target a particular audience niche enables businesses to hone in on the customers most suited to their product or service. Our team at Swindon Leaflet Delivery are highly experienced in audience targeting. Our software supports them to reach the prospective customers you (or they, if you need our help) identify.

What Is Door Drop Marketing?
Door drops offer an extremely cost-effective way to leaflet a large area. Yes, there is less control over the households that receive your marketing information as coverage works on street and postcode targeting. However, this broader mass approach is an option that perfectly suits some businesses.

Both methods bring your business directly onto the business or home doormat, a marketing method proven to achieve great results at a cost that can be one of your lower marketing spends.

Why Market Through A Letterbox?
You can have the best website, services, products and offers, but your prospective customers need to know about them. So whichever method you choose, you should use the opportunity to add a clear call-to-action and direct people to your phone, website or social media to learn more and connect further with your business for maximum effect.
Timing your drop is pretty important, and you should look at the results achieved over the longer term, as leaflets can often be kept and used later or referred to a friend. Adding a dedicated QR code or other identification means will enable you to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

Direct Mail or Door Drop - How should I decide?
The targeted direct mail approach can see higher conversion rates, and the more significant ROI is one reason not to worry about the extra cost per item. When you gain customers potentially for life, that difference soon becomes far less important. The personalised data approach enables us to target various demographics based on business or personal information such as house value, pet ownership, income bracket, employment status and many other specifics.

We aren't saying that door drops aren't effective for some businesses. In fact, we know many of our customers achieve great results, but why not talk to us about an approach tailored directly to you before deciding?

Getting help with both
Our range of services leaves you with more than just the choice of campaign type. Our specialist designers can help you design your campaign leaflet or brochure and handle the printing and distribution process, whatever helps your business or event marketing. Whether you choose direct mail or door drops, we can help with individual aspects or handle the entire project from start to finish.