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Digital advertising – Is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Digital advertising - Is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Friday 22nd March 2024

Ever find yourself endlessly scrolling through social media, bombarded by countless adverts that blur together, leaving you unsure of what they're even selling? You're not alone.

Studies on eye-tracking reveal that our brains are adept at filtering out anything resembling advertising, even without an ad blocker. This means that a significant portion of advertising budgets are squandered - lost to ad blockers, bots masquerading as real viewers, or simply overlooked by the subconscious mind (1).

Shockingly, over 40% of digital ad "views" come from bots (2), a pervasive issue affecting major players like Nestle, the New York Times, and Uber. In one egregious case, a CEO received a 10-year jail term for orchestrating paid digital ads on fake websites viewed solely by bots.

The inefficiency of digital advertising is further evidenced by cases like Procter & Gamble, which ceased a $200 million spend with negligible impact on business outcomes (3).

Trust is paramount in brand-consumer relationships. Recent surveys highlight print advertising as the most trusted form, far surpassing online ads inundating digital platforms (4)

Real people, not bots, are 77% more likely (5) to recall print ads and willingly seek further information online. A staggering 82% of customers rely on print in their purchase decisions (6).

The ubiquity of digital ad noise has conditioned people to tune it out, whereas investing in print signifies commitment, making your message unmissable when it arrives in their mailbox.

Traditional methods offer distinct advantages. They don't hinge on a massive social media following, sidestep GDPR concerns, and remain unaffected by tech companies' disruptive changes. Apple's crackdown on cross-site tracking is a prime example (7).

This isn't to discredit digital advertising entirely, but rather to emphasize the potency of a well-executed direct mail campaign.

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