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Long term campaigns: Why it pays to be consistent…

Long term campaigns: Why it pays to be consistent...

Thursday 2nd May 2024

When it comes to brand recognition, repetition is key - We've already gone into detail about the power that direct door drop marketing has, its effectiveness and benefits. This time around we're taking a look at why our long term campaigns are a valuable tool for building your business - Not least because of the discounts offered by our 3 & 6 month campaigns.

Increased Exposure: The more times a potential customer sees a flyer, the more likely they are to remember the message or brand. Repetition helps to increase exposure to the flyer's content, making it more likely to stick in the recipient's mind. This is even true when advertising services that are used infrequently or even seasonally - People don't often sell their house but when they do, if they've seen your services offered, they're much more likely to give you a call! The unit cost of a flyer is so low (more so on long term campaigns) that this slow and steady build of brand recognition isn't going to take huge chunks out of your company's marketing budget.

Building Recognition: Repetition helps to build recognition of the business or message being promoted. Just like seeing an advert multiple times on TV or hearing a jingle on the radio can make you remember the brand, seeing a flyer repeatedly can create familiarity and trust with the brand or message.

Reinforcement of Message: Repetition reinforces the message conveyed in the flyer. People often need to encounter a message multiple times before it fully sinks in and prompts action. By repeating the message through multiple drops, the likelihood of it resonating and prompting action increases. We can work with you to design an effective flyer that is easily and cheaply updatable to keep your business looking fresh and

Increased Retention: Repetition improves the retention of information. Seeing the same message or brand repeatedly helps to solidify it in the recipient's memory, making it more likely that they will remember it when they need the product or service being promoted.

Overcoming Scepticism: In a world inundated with advertisements and marketing messages, repetition can help overcome scepticism. People may initially ignore or dismiss a flyer, but repeated exposure can break through that barrier and make them more receptive to the message. This shows your business as being solid, respectable and stable.

Opportunity for Reinforcement: Repetition provides an opportunity to reinforce the benefits or features of the product or service being promoted. Each time a recipient sees the flyer, they may notice something new or be reminded of a particular benefit, strengthening their positive associations with the brand.

Overall, repetition in flyering increases exposure, builds recognition, reinforces the message, improves retention, overcomes scepticism, and provides opportunities for reinforcement, all of which contribute to getting that all important call from a customer, be they new or returning.

Drop us a message today to see how our long term campaigns can benefit your business, we look forward to hearing from you.